Why I Hope My Clients Forget About Me - My Mission For MRP

I already know what you’re thinking - as a photographer only a couple years in business, why on EARTH would you want your clients to forget about you?

Well, maybe the title I intended to write was too long so I just dramatically shortened it haha. The full title of this blog post is Why I Hope My Clients Forget About Me (When They Look At Their Photographs) - My Mission for MRP.

Why I Hope My Clients Don't Remember Me - Malina Rose Photography - 2.jpg

I know, now you’re thinking - yep, she’s an idiot. Don’t you want clients to remember you as their photographer so they will come back to work with you again?

And that’s the whole reason behind my mission for my business. Of course I want clients to remember me, and love their photos so much that they want to work with me again. What’s really really important to me though, and what I believe will bring them back, is what my clients are thinking months or years after the initial “wow” of getting their photos back.

When they’re hanging in their favorite frames in the hallway, or in their den where they catch up with family and old friends. When they’re sharing stories and pictures from photo albums and boxes of prints, or seeing facebook memories on their timeline. I want them to see the photographs I created for them and immediately have a story to tell. A feeling that they had when the photo was taken, or what they were going through at the time. The LAST things I want my clients to remember even days after these photos are things like

“this pose was so uncomfortable, but we got a good photo,”
”I remember it being so rainy during our photoshoot and my makeup is smudged in some of these, what a bummer”
”I remember my legs were so tired from standing in that same position for so long to get this pretty photo.”

This is quite honestly my worst nightmare. How often does the average person get to have professional photos taken of them or their family? And all you have to remember it by was how the pose made you feel, or that there wasn’t any real experience there so all you can do is pick out all the things wrong about the photo or yourself. No freaking way. I want clients saying THIS in 5 years

“What an amazing day we had hiking up to this gorgeous view! I remember how my spouse held my hand the entire time to help me get over my fear of heights so we could enjoy that together.”
”It rained like crazy on our wedding day, and I remember at the end we ran right out into it and danced like crazy people! My makeup was everywhere but it was so fun I didn’t even care”
”These photos remind me of what it was like being pregnant for the first time. I can remember so vividly right here I was feeling my baby kick me right in the bladder and it made me pee a little and laugh a lot.”

Okay that last one got really specific, but I hope I’m getting my point across here.

Why I Hope My Clients Don't Remember Me - Malina Rose Photography.jpg

Now we are getting closer to that crazy post title. When my clients look back at their photographs, I want them to feel something and remember the laughs, the tears, the love, the whatever. What I don’t want them to remember is what I made them do to get a pretty shot, or how I wasn’t really connecting with them besides getting their hands in the perfect placement. If clients are remembering anything about me as the photographer (unless it was some hilarious joke or a question that made them think and feel something deeply) right away then I’m not doing my job right.

My client experience is so important to me, especially being trusted with such monumental events in people’s lives like weddings or maternity. I want you to be fully present in YOUR moment, not one that I posed you in and make you pretend to feel. I want to connect with you, share stories and be vulnerable with you, so that in turn your vulnerability is open for me to capture in a photograph. I want to ask you questions like “when did you know she was the one?” or play your favorite song so you can have a dance battle in your kitchen. Something that sparks REAL emotions and REAL memories. I know you will cherish those photos so much more than the one of you standing side by side blankly smiling into the camera because that’s what “you’re supposed to do".

Ultimately, I do hope that you will love your photos so much that you do remember me, but in a way that is like inviting a friend over. I’m all about creating experiences and relationships in 2019. Like, I hope we go into the shoot as online acquaintances, and come out bffs that send each other Christmas cards. If you’re looking for a photographer like this, shoot me a message and let’s do this thang. I’d love to create something amazing with you.