Urban Downtown Couple Session

Can I holla at all the couples that wanna do downtown photoshoots!? Call me ASAP because I’m obsessed?! I love the change of pace from all the fields and forests ( but don’t get me wrong, fields and forests have a v special place in my heart and work). Kierra and Nathan were 1 of 2 Instagram giveaway winners - so if you don’t already and are trying to win some free photoshoots follow me here! - and we recently did a cute couples shoot around Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver. I’m loving this area lately, playing with cityscapes and parking garages with nice light.

As you may have read on my recent Instagram posts (because let’s be honest anything happening to me gets posted on that stupid app) I’ve been really embracing some creative growth and photographing for the love of making photographs, so I tried out a couple new things and had a ton of fun doing this shoot with some totally rad people who trusted me to make them look as badass as they truly are.

Anyway, enjoy the pics and remember to hit me up if you’re craving some coffee shop downtown vibes for you and your boo.


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