Twilight Inspired Forest Engagement

So obviously since I live out here in the PNW, you know eventually we're gonna wander out into the forest and trees! My girl Hannah loves twilight (and even took inspiration from the movie wedding when planning her own!) so this setting was perfect, even if it was our second choice. 

Originally, we had planned on doing Latourell Falls, for weeks. But spring in Washington is second winter, so the whole weekend was a rain and wind storm watch. Hoyt Arboretum was her next choice and I think it was just perfect!

*DISCLAIMER* Hannah & Devin warned me at the start of the shoot that they were "awkward in front of the camera" and "didn't know how to model"
Let me just tell you
Half of these were not directed. I may have told them to sit/stand/hug but the smiles and laughs were not even because I said something funny. They nuzzled and kissed and everything all on their own and it was honestly #goals. So if you are someone who thinks "I don't want engagement photos because I'm awkward" just take a look at these! As long as you are enjoying your time with your future spouse, all that love is going to read on your faces, and translate so beautifully into your photos. Engagement pictures are for the lovers who are so excited about their wedding day they just can't hide it :)