Rainy Oregon Coast Couple Session

Finally back on the blog-o-sphere, and I'm seriously stoked to share this super fun, rainy Oregon coast session with you all! :)

This is the first couple session I've shot this year and it couldn't have gone better. Of course, I totally had a plan and then God said nah, let's do this instead. Originally, Nick and I were going to meet Dana and Nick (twinsies! haha) on the beach of Lincoln City. We got there and it was so rainy and stormy, honestly, the beach just looked down right scary. I was so bummed and scrambled to think of a plan B. I pulled up maps on my phone and saw this park on Devil's Lake about 10 minutes away and decided to check it out. The wind was considerably calmer, although still enough to whip around Dana's majestic mermaid hair. So we did the shoot there instead, got soaking wet and froze our hands and toes, but dang was it worth it!

These two were total troopers, and didn't complain once. So happy I finally took advantage of the rain and got some great shots! Definitely pumped to do more of these rainy romantic sessions (especially at the coast cuz uh I love it there), let me know if you wanna take advantage of the classic PNW weather and do a session like this!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.