Our Couple Session at Cannon Beach! - with Marcela Pulido Photography

AHHHHHHHH I’m excited to be sharing some recent photos of Nick and I!! I’ve long struggled with knowing how to incorporate a balance of professional work and personal content (on my blog especially) so I’ve never really shared photos of myself and my partner in crime. So might as well use these amazing photos by Marcela Pulido Photography.

For those that don’t know who Nick is, he’s my best friend who I’m enjoying life with. We started dating when we were 15, and met at our mutual friend’s backyard summer party. I was SO shy, and Nick was SO obnoxious (as teenage boys are, lol.) but he would change his tone to a more gentle one when talking to me, and we connected. He lived on the opposite side of town from me, we went to two different high schools, and only saw each other on the weekends. High school happened as it does and we broke up at the end of junior year.

Over a year passes and I get a text from Nick asking if I wanted to hangout with him. After not seeing him and missing him for LITERALLY all the time we spent apart, I didn’t hesitate and went to see him. I was leaving for college 3 hours away in like a week, and after A LOT of tears, we decided to do the dang thing and get back together! We did long distance for 3 years, only seeing each other on average once a month. So many car rides, bus stops, and stealing moments in between my double shifts as a waitress. And I believe we are all the better because of it. I regret nothing and I love every day that I get to spend with my favorite person in the world.

now look at these cute photos of us on the beach!! Marcela is a light <3