Giggly Rowena Crest Lifestyle Session

Okay, Rowena Crest has been on my bucket list for a few months now, and nothing about it was what I expected! (spoiler alert, it was better.)

I connected with Emily in January, and how perfect is it that this spot was on her and Carson's bucket list too?! So obviously we were like let's go asap. After some schedule troubles we finally got out there and uhm WOW Oregon, showing off much? I was honestly thinking, "oh the bendy road is gonna be the only good spot and then we'll just have to make do with the rest of the area."


Rowena Crest Viewpoint is HUGE. There's the bendy road, gorgeous grassy hills, open fields, mountain and river views. It basically has it all and I'm just gonna plant a tiny house there. We made sure to take advantage of all of it's amenities, and had so much fun doing it. There was a ton of giggly smiles, running around, and then eating fries and catching up afterwards (Emily and I went to middle & high school together.) Seriously stoked to keep exploring this amazing PNW all year with more couples and more memories.