Champagne Poppin' 25th Birthday

Why not ring in the new year with a birthday photo shoot?! I’ve photographed Ruth a few times, so when she asked me to do a shoot with her for her birthday (which was on new year’s day!) I was like uhh..duh?! I show up and she’s got the whole sha-bang: balloons, cake, candles, champagne, and brand new lingerie to show off her bangin’ bod that she worked SO hard on all year.

I always have a blast with you Ruth, I’m so happy you’re obsessed with these ;) Ruth really wanted to make a point too - she wants to encourage everyone, no matter what stage of life you’re in, to have photos taken once in a while. Just because you’re not getting married or having a baby or going through some huge milestone, everyday is special when you’re alive! It doesn’t have to be huge or elaborate or expensive. Celebrate the little things, enjoy who you are right now, and savor these memories, even just for yourself.

Enjoy xo