Autumn Vancouver Couple Session

So this week I’m not quite ready to share my most recent session, so I pulled this baby out of the drafts, somehow I never got around to publishing this cute set form last fall! Kaitlyn was the winner of my portrait session giveaway, and I’m so glad I got to hang out with her and her boyfriend Michael for a while and take these photos with them goofing off.

I love doing these shoots, and just having fun with the couple I’m working with. 99.9999% of the time we end up at least mutual Instagram followers, and we’re connected on some level. The first 10 minutes or so we are all getting acquainted, and the rest of the session is spent cracking jokes and me mocking myself somehow to get them to smile. I love my couples and I love getting to know them and their unique love! So ending on a very thankful note for this amazing job I have been gifted with, let’s check out this pretty set!


Thinking about getting photos done with your s/o, but afraid to commit because you guys “aren’t models” or are “awkward in front of the camera?” Believe it or not, nearly every couple says this to me, and we still manage to get great photos like the ones you just saw! Shoot me a message, let’s hang out and have fun!